NASDAQ BulletShares® Indices

Indices engineered to perform like bonds, only better

NASDAQ BulletShares® Indices represent the performance of an investment in a diversified, held-to-maturity portfolio of fixed income securities. Investment products based on NASDAQ BulletShares® Indices serve as diversified substitutes for individual bonds, providing advisors with the ability to build traditional laddered portfolios or to structure customized portfolios that address the cashflow needs of particular investors.

Benefits of NASDAQ BulletShares® - based products:

  • Bond-like Performance: NASDAQ BulletShares® based products have a maturity date and allow investors to lock in an anticipated yield to maturity. To learn more about NASDAQ BulletShares® bond-like performance, click here
  • Customization: NASDAQ BulletShares® based products are powerful tools advisors can use to create customized fixed income portfolios with cash flows that match the lifestyle needs of investors. To learn more about NASDAQ BulletShares® customization, click here
  • Precision: NASDAQ BulletShares® based products provide targeted exposure to portfolios of bonds that mature in a particular calendar year allowing Advisors to select the maturity profile that makes sense for their clients. To learn more about NASDAQ BulletShares® precision, click here
  • Diversification: NASDAQ BulletShares® based products are well-diversified portfolios of individual bonds allowing Advisors and their clients to reduce the impact of concentration risk in their portfolios.
  • Efficiency: NASDAQ BulletShares® based products benefit from reduced portfolio turnover, thereby reducing the potential impact of trading costs and capital gains in the portfolio. To learn more about NASDAQ BulletShares®efficiency, click here